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e-CAMP MENTORing Factsheet

Organizational Structure

e-CAMP MENTORing is a Community of Learning and Practice (CLAP), providing a safe space for taking youth to the top.  Our mission is Mentoring, Training and Coaching (MTC) Youth for Success. Mentoring is at the centre of all our training and coaching. Our technology provides the features to meet anytime and anywhere with online classroom conferencing facilities.


Leroy C. Clarke, BSc, BEd, MPhil (Pharmacol) PhD, OCT, President and Executive Director


Dr. Clarke is President and Executive Director of e-CAMP MENTOR(Meet, Engage, Nurture, Tag, Others, Replicate)ing, an electronic Career And Mentoring Program (e-CAMP) dedicated to youth development and empowerment through Mentoring, Training and Coaching (MTC).  e-CAMP supports and enriches formal education by delivering a holistic MENTORing experience through 4 pillars of passion content – Sports and Wellness; the Arts and Humanities; Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. He obtained his PhD in Science and Technology Education (Curriculum Teaching & Learning) with a focus on Mentoring from the University of Toronto. He is also a science educator and brings over twenty-five years of experience spanning elementary to post-secondary institutions as well as industry.

Dr. Clarke's instructional practice is based on the core values of, caring, equity, and that we are created for a purpose. He believes that all students can learn and his 5 Cs mission is to educate students to be critical and creative global thinkers who can act with confidence, compassion and competence.  His current practical and research interests include investigating mentoring models and using these models to establish school, community, and career connections. Dr. Clarke has been involved in a number of community education activities including the development of an index for identifying 'schools at risk' as well as a 1996 DDSB Teacher Orientation Project (TOP) for supporting teachers trained outside of Canada. He has served on committees such as the Community Diversity Committee of Kinark Child and Family Services, Spelling Bee of Canada, DCDSB Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee, and the Durham District School Board Curriculum Advisory Committee. He is also a past president of Whyy Mee Family Counselling Foundation of Toronto. He is a member of a number of professional organizations such as the Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) and has presented at several international conferences including the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conferences.  He is well connected to his community and has served as a local church elder. In partnership with the BBPA and other organizations, Dr. Clarke is applying his research in mentoring to the Electronic Career and MENTORing Program (e-CAMP) geared primarily towards youth 15-24 and 25-29 years.

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Michael K. Seidel, BComm, CA, CMA, Treasurer

Michael is Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of e-CAMP MENTORing. As a chartered accountant (CA) and chartered management accountant (CMA), Michael has focused his career on helping companies better use Information Technology tools in running their business and improving productivity within their finance departments. Identification of tasks which can be automated and then implementing the process has resulted in millions of dollars of savings for clients. The added benefit of this process is more reliable and consistent information for management decision making.

Michael graduated as a Chartered Accountant with Thorne Ernst and Whinney. As an articling student, he focused on tax advisory. Within the corporate world, he gravitated towards the budgeting areas where the use of technology had its greatest and most immediate impact.  Michael has worked as a consultant since 1992 where he continually makes use of his background and expertise in various projects including developing corporate tax software, merger of internet engines Sympatico with Lycos, and predominantly in the budget, forecast, and valuation of major properties for some of North America's largest real estate companies.

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Peter L. Gordon, BA (History), BEd, OCT, Director 


Peter is Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors of e-CAMP MENTORing. He has served as Head Coach of Durham College Lords Men's Basketball for eight years and was Assistant Head Coach for five years. He is also an occasional teacher with the Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) and is a former President of OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association) Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit (Durham).

Peter grew up playing soccer and basketball at the community level before excelling as an elite athlete at the collegiate level. The following are some of his athletic accomplishments:

  • CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) All Canadian (Basketball 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991);
  • AUAA (Atlantic University Athletic Association) Player of the Year (Basketball 1989, 1990, 1991);
  • AUAA Rookie of the Year (1987);
  • UPEI (University of Prince Edward Island) Male Athlete of the Year (1989, 1990, 1991);
  • UPEI Hall of Fame Inductee (2001) and;
  • Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame Inductee (2005).

Peter has a keen interest in the economic, social, and cultural development of his community and has leveraged his sports expertise to support and mentor at-risk students. He founded Durham Elite Basketball Academy in 2006, BallForAll.Net in 2010, and co-founded SOSAction Inc. as a concept for enhancing the holistic growth of sports in the Durham Region and beyond.

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Sonia M. Clarke, Cert. French Language, Cert. PSW, Executive Secretary & Office Manager

Sonia is Secretary of the Board of Directors as well as Office Manager of e-CAMP MENTORing. She attended the Henley School of Business, UK as well as Durham College, Oshawa, ON, where she obtained a certificate in French Language. She has held a wide range of corporate administrative support positions, with institutions such as Barclays Bank UK, as well as TD Trust and the Bank of Nova Scotia, two of Canada's five major chartered banks.

Sonia is a dedicated community supporter who is always looking for opportunity to enrich her local and wider community. Along with her husband Leroy, in 1995 they established B.A.S.I.C (Building A Safe Integrated Community) Focus, a grassroots community organization with a mandate to educate, motivate, and communicate with youth in the Durham region and beyond. In partnership with organizations such as Spelling Bee of Canada, Durham District School Board, and the Inter-organization Resources Network of Durham (TIRND) several community-focused projects were initiated. Sonia is co-author of My Canada, Your Canada Series I: Celeste Discovers Toronto, a basal family-focused reader.

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Stephen Ramcharan, BSc, Computer Science and Mathematics, Director of Information Technology and Media 

Stephen Ramcharan is Director of Information Technology and Media. In addition to overseeing our IT and Media operations, Steve is directly tasked with designing and developing our transformative state-of-the-art Mentoring, Tutoring and Coaching (MTC) platform for engaging and educating youth both locally and internationally. Steve is no stranger to extensive information technology and communications solutions, he is directly responsible for developing and managing a cloud based Electronics Medical Records system deployed in the Caribbean. Steve was also responsible for leading innovative strategic eBusiness ventures with organizations such as Air Miles, the Toronto Star and Workopolis.

In keeping with our vision to provide innovative solutions to mentoring, tutoring and coaching, Steve is committed to new ventures and community development through youth engagement and education. Steve reports directly to the President and Executive Director of e-CAMP MENTORing, Dr. Leroy Clarke. 

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Dr. Marlyn Morris, BA, LLB, DipEd, MSc (Econ),  PhD, Cert. (Legislative Drafting), CPC, Advisor


Dr. Marlyn Morris is Advisor to e-CAMP MENTORing particularly in the areas of Programming and Strategic Planning.  Dr Morris is a Development Planning, Policy Consultant/Advisor and Trainer; Legislative Review and Drafting Consultant and a Business Advisor and Training Provider. She also holds Certification in Strategic Human Resources Planning, Strategic Project Management and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments. She is the Co-founder and Program Manager of the Canadian Research Centre for Humanities and Science; Co-Founder and Director of Programs of the Ontario College of Development Training an the Canadian Training Alliance Group, that are focused on career and capacity development  training for professional, entrepreneurial  and executive leadership development training; Co-Founder and Program Manager of Inspiring Life Solutions,  an agency dedicated to coaching and mentoring of Youth, Families/Parents and Business Leaders; Vice President of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) and Director of Programs of the BBPA-Centre of Excellence and Business Incubator; A Member of the Black Business Advisory Council to the City of Toronto, which promotes the advancement of black business enterprises of the  City of Toronto; Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Caribbean Council For Economic Development (CCFED), an American registered Not-for -Profit agency,  committed to economic development of the Caribbean through Diaspora engagement.

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